Ticket Deflection 101: The Role a Help Desk Has to Play

Providing an increasingly better customer service and support is something every company strives to achieve. Good support delivers excellent results, in terms of customer satisfaction and retention. This is why we are here today to talk about the help desk. It is a piece software, custom tailored for organizations that have their hands full with tickets.

r experienced it before, being overwhelmed with tickets that is, then you probably know how it affects support agents and the customer support department as a whole. It doesn’t only take a toll on your agents, but on the quality of the provided service, leaving your customers frustrated and dissatisfied.

But don’t despair, a help desk can really save your day.

What is a Help Desk

A help desk is a very popular piece of business software. In the past, help desks were usually manned by a customer support agent and located inside the company’s building, on fairs and in shopping malls.

Help Desk software is a digitized representation of the physical help desk and, unlike a physical one, it can be manned by as many customer support agents as you want. The latest versions of this software are able to automate a lot of repetitive tasks.

The three main functions are automation, ticket management, analytics, and reporting. With these three, this software tool is able to help companies a lot in terms of deflecting tickets, improving the customer support service and, in the end, delivering a delightful experience to customers.

How It Works

This software seamlessly pulls all emails the customer support department receives and stores them in a centralized database. You can also connect it with your phone line system to help your agents directly answer the calls and log them automatically.

With access to various filters and searches, your agents will be able to quickly find any information recorded by the system and provide quick and effective resolutions to the customers. If you didn’t know, just a 5% increase in retention will increase your profits by up to 95%. Furthermore, you can share the collected data with your marketing and sales departments to help them devise more efficient strategies and campaigns.

Beside enabling your teams to easily talk with customers via emails and phones, this software enables teams to better communicate internally. In fact, this tool streamlines internal communication and agents can address customers demands promptly and with a working solution.

Making the Use of Data

The data that your Help Desk software collects overtime is essential for your company’s success. You should consider using it to foster collaboration between teams and to deflect tickets.

Data tells a story. This data in particular tells you how your customers are engaging with your help desk, what are the burning issues with your products and services and which are the most common issues. How to use this data to deflect tickets?

You can share the data to all the teams in your company to bring them up to speed and allow them to get an insight into all customer problems, frustrations and concerns. If your entire organization works as a customer experience team, great results are guaranteed.

By reviewing how customers are contacting you, you can identify the less used channels of communications. Maybe your customers don’t know that they exist. Inform them about your live chat, chatbot on social media or your business Viber/Skype support line. By spreading the pressure across all agents you will put them in a position to have steady workflow and focus on tasks at hand.

Lastly, use all the data to write powerful, engaging and valuable content. Review your most successful resolutions and transform them into guides and how to articles. For instance, FAQ pages are very popular today. Make sure to have one for each of the products or services you have on offer.

Make sure to use your social media profiles to notify customers that you are aware of the big problems and that you are doing everything you can to fix them.

A Help Desk is a very powerful solution. It streamlines and automates customer support tasks and enables agents to devote more time to distressed customers. The data that you gather over time, if used properly, can serve as the most powerful ticket deflecting agent. It will also enable you to deliver an exceptional customer service across multiple channels.

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