Top 3 CRM Solutions to Implement in 2018

If you want to develop your business and work more professionally, hurry up to deploy one of the top CRM solutions and enjoy its unique features and millions of amazing opportunities. Here are the top 3 powerful systems to consider:

№1: Bpm’online

Bpm’online is a cloud-based customer relationship management system to control the whole cycle of business processes and manage them more effectively and productively than ever before. This CRM tool aligns several systems into a single platform and connects their processes and results to achieve greater efficiency. Another reason to deploy this CRM solution is its Mobile CRM features which turns your business management into an interesting journey. Check the website to learn more about this amazing CRM tool that is the top one according to the ratings and reviews of 2018.

№2: Base

Base CRM is another popular customer relationship management tool to consider while deploying a CRM solution for your business. It is famous for its unique sales automation module and integrated channel management. This system gives an opportunity to boost sales due to such amazing tools and features as lead capturing and tracking, database organization and management, sales forecasting and automation, as well as hundreds of integration and customization opportunities.

№3: Claritysoft

Another good option to consider is Claritysoft. It is mainly suitable for companies of medium size as well as large enterprises. It aligns sales, customer support, social customer relationship management, as well as marketing and gives its users an opportunity to manage them within a single platform. It offers such helpful tools as account and activity management, pipeline management, contact management, as well as integration with such platforms and tools as Excel Outlook, QuickBooks, Google Maps and much more.

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